Open Literature Sprint Jan 2014

On Saturday January 25th 2014 we’re running an Open Literature sprint to further our work on Open Literature. All are welcome!

The event is being coordinated via Etherpad

  • When: 25th January 2014, 11am – 6pm (if 11am is too early for you it’s OK to join later!)
  • Where: Online + in Person (London)
  • Online: Etherpad Google Hangout + IRC (#okfn on freenode)
  • In Person: Centre for Creative Collaboration, 16 Acton Street, London, WC1X 9NG [Map]
  • Who: Anyone interested in literature, philosophy and taking these online
  • Signup: <>

If you’re interested in getting in touch before the event we suggest joining the mailing list

Event Details

What kinds of things will you be be doing?

In order to get the most done, those participating will be invited to join pre-established teams, each led by a team leader.

A rough overview of each team’s goals follows. Of course, people will also be free to move between teams, and start their own initiatives. If you have any questions, do contact the team leaders named above.


Textfinders and Literati

Team Leader: John Levin

What we’ll be doing:

  • Suggesting and finding texts to be uploaded into Open Literature (Shakespeare to Schopenhauer!)
  • Convert these texts into a suitable format
  • Write introductions to texts
  • Find essays and images on texts

Useful documentation:


Team Leader: James Harriman-Smith

What we’ll do:

  • Proof-read all material posted, from text presentations to technical documentation
  • Deal with WordPress administration: page creation, granting of privileges, etc.

If you’re dealing with WordPress some familiarity with WordPress desirable :-), see e.g.:


Team Leader: Iain Emsley

What We’ll Do:

  • Integrate new Textus JS viewer
  • Get annotation working on chosen texts
  • Create Text API
  • GitHub Issues

Useful documentation: * Read about Textus * Issue giving the “Plan” for